Flu Shot Finder

The Manitoba Flu Shot Finder is an online service where the public can search for locations that offer the flu vaccine in their area. We work with partners such as clinics, pharmacies, nursing stations and public health offices to provide accurate and up-to-date information about flu vaccine stock.

Flu vaccine is now available at immunization providers across Manitoba. Providers are actively working to update flu vaccine availability on our Flu Shot Finder Map.

PLEASE NOTE: As of February 12th, 2021, updates to the map are being loaded on a weekly basis (on Monday) due to decreased demand for flu vaccine overall within the province.

Enter an address to find an immunization provider near you.

You can also filter by locations that currently have influenza vaccine in stock as well as locations where you do not have to be a patient or client in order to receive an immunization.

PLEASE NOTE: where there are multiple providers at the same address, they will all show up on the same dot on the map. Once the dot has been clicked on, use the arrow buttons to toggle between the different providers at that address.

For information on public flu clinics in your health region, please click HERE.

At this time, some locations may show no flu vaccine available (or unknown status) - even when supplies are in place. Please call a location near you to confirm availability.


Update Your Influenza Vaccine Stock Status HERE. (Please note: the survey works best when opened using Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome web browsers; please ensure that you are using one of these before attempting to fill out the survey).

If you notice an error in the information presented in the Flu Shot Finder Map and are unable to update it via the survey link above, please email vaccines@gov.mb.ca to notify MHSAL of any changes that are required. Remember to include your client ID in any communications.

If you are a health care provider AND you offer influenza immunizations but your location is not visible on the Flu Shot Finder Map, please email vaccines@gov.mb.ca to notify MHSAL or for more information on registering with the Provincial Distribution Warehouse.