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Specialty Programs/Projects

Targeting both the recruitment and retention of nurses, the NRRF has allocated ‘one-time’ funding for a range of specialty programs and projects that help nurses enter, or remain in, Manitoba’s nursing workforce.

In partnership with a wide variety of nursing stakeholders, the NRRF has provided funding for numerous specialty nursing education programs and projects throughout the province. NRRF-allocated funds have gone to RHAs and educational institutes to develop programs, assisted with books and tuition costs, and provided stipends for nurses. A key way to retain nurses was through  return of service commitments agreed to by the nurses. While all projects were integral to improving nursing resources throughout the province, NRRF funding varied based on the specific program, RHA and educational institute.


Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund Line
204-786-7393 (in Winnipeg)
1-877-681-4983 (Toll-Free in Canada)
1-877-234-5045 (Toll-Free International)

The Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund Committee is made up of representatives of the Regional Health Authorities, the Manitoba Nurses' Union, the Manitoba Government Employees Union, and Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living.