Positive School Nutrition Environment Supports

Tailored Nutrition Advice and Presentation

Tailored Nutrition Advice and Presentation

Schedule a school or division meeting with a Registered Dietitian to receive support in assessing, developing, and implementing a school food and nutrition policy.  In addition to policy support, tailored advice can help schools in fostering a healthy eating environment for all students and staff.  

Presentations can also be requested and tailored to meet the individual needs for your school or division staff.  Topic ideas include: incorporating Canada’s food guide into your school, non-food rewards in the classroom, building positive school nutrition environments, and nurturing healthy eaters. 

Nutrition Workshops and Webinars

Nutrition Workshops and Webinars
Nutrition workshops and webinars are for those working hands-on with food in schools, such as breakfast programs, canteens, cafeterias, and hot lunch programs and will be advertised through our eNews

Click below to watch recorded webinars:

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Indigenous Food and Culture in the School Environment (December 2018)

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Unlock the Potential of Food in Child Care and School Environments (March 2019)

The Real Dirt on Farming (April 2019)

Milieux favorables à la saine alimentation et introduction au nouveau (March 2019)

School Milk Program

School Milk Program
Support your school’s nutrition policy by encouraging the healthy habit of drinking milk. Contact Dairy Farmers of Manitoba 204-488-6455/1-800-567-1671 (Toll-free in Manitoba) or visit: milk.mb.ca/schoolmilk for more information.