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Southwest Manitoba


Surficial geology mapping of the Arden area

Project Information

Principal investigators:
Tyler Hodder, Michelle Gauthier

Partnered with:
De Beers Group of Companies

Arden, NTS 62J6


Project Description

Main objectives:

To provide a new, detailed surficial geology map, to complement future infrastructure, groundwater, agricultural and mineral exploration needs.


  • Conduct surficial mapping.
  • Till sampling for pebble lithology, kimberlite indicator minerals and geochemistry.
  • Determination of dispersal and transport distances in till.



A strong public geoscience knowledge base is recognized internationally as a key competitive advantage in profiling a jurisdiction’s geological potential and attracting investment in mineral exploration and development. The products from this project will provide direct input to mineral exploration initiatives in southwest Manitoba.


Plans for fiscal year 2019-2020:

  • Release of one 1:50 000 scale surficial geology map.
  • Release of aggregate-potential derivative map.
  • Preparation of till composition and glacial history Geoscientific Paper.


Completed outputs:


Hodder, T.J. and Trommelen, M.S. 2015: Quaternary geology of the Arden NTS area (62J6), southwestern Manitoba; in Report of Activities 2015, Manitoba Mineral Resources, Manitoba Geological Survey, p. 115–123.

Hodder, T.J. and Gauthier M.S. 2016: Kimberlite-indicator mineral results from the Arden NTS area (62J6), southwestern Manitoba; Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, Manitoba Geological Survey, Data Repository Item DRI2016003, Microsoft® Excel® file.

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