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Southwest Manitoba


Quaternary history of the Roseau River area


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Principal investigators:
Michelle Gauthier, Tyler Hodder

Partnered with:
Dr. O. Lian, University of the Fraser Valley
Dr. A. Dalton, Memorial University of Newfoundland
A. Mereghetti, University of Maine

Roseau River, Manitoba (parts of NTS 62H2 and 7)


Project Description

Main objectives:

To better understand the glacial and nonglacial history, including where most of the regions buried sand and gravel comes from.


  • Validate the Marine Isotope Stage 3 (MIS 3) radiocarbon ages in the area.
  • Collect optical ages on sediments to obtain age estimations.
  • Investigate new sections, and compile historical ones, to build a regional stratigraphy.



The products from this project will provide direct input into understandings the regional Quaternary geology, which will lead to better understanding of its aggregate resource potential.


Click to enlargePlans for fiscal year 2022–2023:

  • Four days of fieldwork
  • Submission of till samples for till geochemistry, carbonate content, grain size and pebble lithology counts
  • Submission of two sand samples for optical age estimation
  • Submission of 2022 sediment samples for pollen analyses
  • Preparation of an open file delineating the stratigraphy and surficial geology data
  • Pollen report from 2020 samples


Completed outputs:


Budge, M.: Investigating the till stratigraphy of the Roseau area, southeastern Manitoba, Canada; undergraduate thesis, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Brewer, V.: Optical dating of proglacial lake sediments, Roseau River, Manitoba, Canada; undergraduate thesis, University of the Fraser Valley,  Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Gauthier, M.S., Brewer, V., Hodder, T.J., Lian, O.B. and Schaarschmidt, M. 2022: Laurentide Ice Sheet withdraw and advance in the Roseau River area of southern Manitoba, Canada; AMQUA2022 biennial meeting, June 7–11, 2022, Madison, Wisconsin, poster presentation.

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