Till Geochemistry Surveys in Manitoba Publications

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Quaternary studies related to drift prospecting, Rice Lake greenstone belt and Bernic Lake area, southeastern Manitoba
P.J. Henderson, C.E. Dunn and W.B. Coker
Publication #: Report of Activities 1993
Grain sizes: Unpublished
Method: ?
Format: Hard copy

Till geochemical and indicator mineral reconnaissance of southeastern Manitoba (west half of NTS 52E and 52L and all of 62H and 62I): final results
L.H. Thorleifson, G.L.D. Matile, G.R. Keller and S.A. Hauck 2009
Publication #: OF2009-13
Grain sizes: <2 μm; <63 μm
Method: Chittick (63um); INAA (63um); ICP (63um); Gold grains (HM); INAA (HM); ICP (HM); Bedrock XRF from drill holes
Format: Digitals