Till Geochemistry Surveys in Manitoba Publications

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Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Analysis from the Westlake Plain: Follow-Up to the GSC Prairie Kimberlite Study
G. Matile and E. Nielsen (Manitoba Energy and Mines), L.H. Thorleifson and R.G. Garrett (Geological Survey of Canada)
Publication #: Open File OF96-2
Grain sizes: <2 μm; <63 μm; Heavy Minerals
Method: AAS (2 μm), KIMS, Carbonate (63 μm); INAA (63 μm);
Format: Scanned PDF

Prairie kimberlite study - soil and till geochemistry and mineralogy; low density orientation survey traverses; Winnipeg-Calgary-Edmonton-Winnipeg
R.G. Garrett and L.H. Thorleifson 1991
Publication #: GSC OF2685
Grain sizes: <2 μm; ; <63 μm; <2.0 mm
Method: INAA (63μm); INAA (2mm); Partial ICP-AES (63μm); Near-total ICP-AES (63μm); Chittick (63μm); Heavy Minerals
Format: Digital; also within GSC OF5582

Prairie kimberlite study - till matrix geochemistry and preliminary indicator mineral data
L.H. Thorleifson and G.L.D. Matile 1993
Publication #: GSC OF2745
Grain sizes: <63 μm; Heavy Minerals
Method: AAS (63μm); INAA (63μm); Chittick (63μm)
Format: Digital

Till composition of the Arden area, southwest Manitoba (NTS 62J6)
T.J. Hodder and M.S. Gauthier 2019
Publication #: Open File OF2019-1
Grain sizes: <63 μm; Heavy Minerals
Method: KIMS; Near-total ICP-OES and ICP-MS (63μm); Partial ICP-ES and ICP-MS (63μm); Carbonate (63μm); INAA (63μm); LOI (63μm); LECO (63μm)
Format: Digital