Till Geochemistry Surveys in Manitoba Publications

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Surficial geology and till composition, northwestern Manitoba
C.A. Kaszycki 1989
Publication #: GSC OF2118
Grain sizes: <2 μm; <63 μm; Heavy Minerals
Method: AAS; Colourimetry; INAA; Fluorimetry; Fire assay - INAA; Chittick; Fire assay - AA
Format: Digital release within GSC OF5873

Till composition of a sampling transect in the Lynn Lake area, northwest Manitoba (parts of NTS 64B12, 64C9, 11, 12, 14–16, 64F3, 4)
T.J. Hodder and M.S. Gauthier 2018
Publication #: OF2018-3
Grain sizes: <63 μm; Heavy Minerals
Method: KIMS; Partial ICP-OES and ICP-MS (63μm); Total ICP-OES and ICP-MS (63μm); Carbonate (63μm)
Format: Digital

Till geochemistry data north of Leclair Lake, northwest Manitoba (NTS 64F8)
E. Nielsen and M.S. Gauthier 2020
Publication #: Data Repository Item DRI2020013
Grain sizes: <2 μm; Heavy Minerals
Method: AAS (2μm); Gold grains (HM)
Format: Digital

Till geochemistry in northwestern Manitoba (NTS 63N, 64B, 64F and 64G and parts of 63K, 63O, 64A and 64C)
P.G. Lenton and C.A. Kaszycki 2005
Publication #: OF2005-2
Grain sizes: <0.177 mm
Method: Near-total ICP and ICP-MS  (0.177mm); INAA (0.177mm)
Format: Digital

Till-matrix (<177 μm) geochemistry analytical results from the Lynn Lake (parts of NTS 64C14, 64F3, 4), Southern Indian Lake (parts of NTS 64G8, 9), Churchill River (parts of NTS 64F14, 64K3, 6, 11) and Fisher Branch (NTS 62P) areas, Manitoba
T.J. Hodder and C.W. Bater 2016
Publication #: DRI2016004
Grain sizes: <0.177 mm
Method: Near-total ICP and ICP-MS (0.177mm); INAA (0.177mm)
Format: Digital