Surficial Geology Mapping in Manitoba Publications

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Sand & gravel resources of the Dauphin region
Gartner Lee Associates Limited and Proctor and Redfern Limited 1978
Sheets 1 and 2 of MGS Open File Report OF78-5
Scale: 1:50 000
NTS: 62J10 (Sheet 1); 62J15 (Sheet 2)

Surficial geology Assiniboine River to Lake Manitoba
Fenton 1970
Map contained within MSc. thesis
Scale: 1:50 000 paper
NTS: 62J1; 62J2; 62G15; 62G16

Surficial geology of the Arden area, Manitoba (NTS 62J6)
Hodder and Gauthier 2020
Geoscientific Map MAP2020-1
Scale 1:50 000
NTS: 62J6

Surficial materials South Riding Mountain region, Manitoba
Groom and Radwanski 1980
P.Map 1980 SRM-1 to 4
Scale: 1:50 000
NTS: 62K8; 62K8; 62J5; 62J12