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Drift Exploration in Regions of Complex Ice Flow (PDF)


Manitoba till geochemistry compilations

GeoFile 2-2022
Manitoba till-matrix geochemistry compilation: silt plus clay (<63 μm) size-fraction by inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry after an aqua-regia or modified aqua-regia digestion

Open File OF2020-2
Manitoba till-matrix geochemistry compilation 1: silt plus clay (<63 μm) size-fraction by instrumental neutron activation analysis

Open File OF2020-5
Manitoba till-matrix geochemistry compilation 3: clay (<2 µm) size-fraction by atomic absorption spectrometry or inductively coupled plasma–emission spectrometry after aqua-regia digestion

Open File OF2020-6
Manitoba till-matrix geochemistry compilation 4: visible gold grains in the heavy mineral (<2 mm; –10 mesh) size-fraction


Till sampling case studies

Palimpsest dispersal:
McClenaghan, M.B., Paulen, R.C. and Oviatt, N.M., 2018. Geometry of indicator mineral and till geochemistry dispersal fans from the Pine Point Mississippi Valley-type Pb-Zn district, Northwest Territories, Canada; Journal of Geochemical Exploration 190, p. 69–86.

Palimpsest dispersal and thick till:
Gauthier, M.S., Hodder, T.J., Kelley, S.E., Wang, Y. and Ross, M. 2016: Drift Exploration Techniques in the Gillam Area – Year 4 (NTS 54D, 54C); Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, Manitoba Geological Survey, Manitoba Mining and Minerals Convention 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 16–18, 2016, poster presentation.

VMS exploration
Talbot prospect:
van Geffen, P.W.G., Kyser, T.K., Oates, C.J. and Ihlenfeld, C. 2012: Till and vegetation geochemistry at the Talbot VMS Cu-Zn prospect, Manitoba, Canada: implications for mineral exploration; Geochemistry, Exploration, Environment, Analysis 12, p. 67–88, URL <>.

McClenaghan, M.B., Peter, J.M and Layton-Matthews, D. 2015: Overview of VMS exploration in glaciated terrain using indicator minerals, till geochemistry, and boulder tracing: a Canadian perspectiv; Geological Survey of Canada Open File 7853, p. 81–99.

Thompson nickel belt:
Grunsky, E.C. and McClenaghan, M.B. 2013. An integrated study of till geochemical, indicator mineral, and pebble lithological data for the Thompson nickel belt, Manitoba, Canada. Geological Survey of Canada Open File 7374, p. 27–36.


Till sampling protocols

McClenaghan, M.B. (ed.); Plouffe, A. (ed.) and Layton-Matthews, D. (ed.) 2014: Application of indicator mineral methods to mineral exploration; Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 7553, 74 p., URL <>.

McClenaghan, M.B., Spirito, W.A., Plouffe, A., McMartin, I., Campbell, J.E., Paulen, R.C., Garrett, R.G., Hall, G.E.M., Pelchat, P. and Gauthier, M.S. 2020: Geological Survey of Canada till-sampling and analytical protocols: from field to archive, 2020 update; Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 8591, 73 p., URL <>.

McMartin, I. and Campbell, J.E. 2009: Near-surface till sampling protocols in shield terrain, with examples from western and northern Canada; in Application of till and stream sediment heavy mineral and geochemical methods to mineral exploration in western and northern Canada, R.C. Paulen and M.B. McClenaghan (eds.), Geological Association of Canada, GAC Short Course Notes 18, p. 75–95.


To view further bibliographic information on the Geological Survey of Canada-produced reports listed above, please visit Natural Resources Canada.


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