AU 1
1985 - Angela Development Ltd.
Arbor Resources Inc.
1500-675 W. Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1N2
50° 53.00’
95° 22.88’
Uncertainty (m)
100 m
UTM Zone
L.S./Quarter Section
15, 16 EPM
The deposit is situated within shears in a southeastern projection of the Ross River Pluton. The Ogama shear is at least 245 m long and 0.6 to 1.5 m wide, and strikes 313°/82°NE. The Rockland shear, a branch of the Ogama, is at least 120 m long and 1.8 to 6.0 m wide. It strikes 330°/80°NE. Narrow gold-bearing quartz lenses are found in both shears and the richest portion of the oreshoots occur where both pyrite and arsenopyrite were deposited (Stephenson, 1972.).
The Ogama vein is usually less than 0.3 m wide, containing white or greyish-white and cherty quartz, and a little pyrite and chalcopyrite with specks of gold.
The Rockland Vein ranges from 0.3 to 0.9 m wide, and contains black and white quartz with pyrite, chalcopyrite and traces of molybdenite and arsenopyrite.
The host rock (Ross River Pluton) an oligoclase-quartz diorite, has been altered in the Ogama shear to a quartz-sericite schist, containing fine pyrite metacrysts and masses or veinlets of brown and pink ankerite.
Numerous felsic porphyry dykes also cut the oligoclase-quartz diorite.
The deposits are located about 1.6 km north of the east end of Long Lake and the village of Long Lake. The village is serviced by Provincial Road No. 304. The deposits are accessible by means of a side road.
In 1915, Wm. A. Quesnel and Wm. Walton staked the Ogama M.C. (23966) and the Rockland M.C. (23965) over the deposits. In 1924 T.C. Anderson of the W.A.D. Syndicate, Limited, optioned the properties. Some surface work was done, but in 1925 the option was withdrawn.
Twenty-one year leases M 476 and M 478 were taken out on the Ogama M.C. and Rockland M.C. in 1935. The Rockland M.C. was assigned to Wm. A. Quesnel in 1940.
A sub-lease and option was taken out by Arthur J. McLaren in 1940 but these were withdrawn one year later when the properties were optioned jointly by McLaren and Gunnar Gold Mines Limited. The surface veins were sampled and an ore shoot 25 m long was outlined on the Ogama vein. A 790 m drill program was done along the strike of this vein. A small diesel engine and compressor, steam hoist and boiler were installed and late in the fall of 1941 a two-compartment shaft was sunk to a depth of 36 m with a station cut at the 31 m level.
In 1942 Ogama-Rockland Gold Mines Limited was formed to acquire the property and bring it into production. Funds were advanced by the Gunnar Gold Mines Limited and these were repaid in the first year of operation. Ore from the Ogama vein was hauled by tractor to the Gunnar mill, 14.5 km distant.
In 1944 Ogama-Rockland Gold Mines Limited acquired the assets of the Onondaga Gold Mining Company, Limited, including the Onondaga M.C. (52 L/14, Ref. AU\15). The Ogama vein strikes directly on to the Onondaga M.C. where a 30 m shaft had been sunk on the vein in 1924.
The complete mining plant, equipment and 30 buildings at the Gunnar Mine (52L/14, Ref. AU 2) at Beresford Lake were sold to Ogama-Rockland Gold Mines Limited in 1945. During 1946 these structures were moved to the Ogama-Rockland. The former two-compartment shaft was slashed to three-compartment size and deepened to 124 m with stations cut at the 72 and 114 m levels. Total crosscutting was 37 m.
In 1947 the mill building and ore bin were completed. The shaft was deepened to 239 m with stations cut at the 153, 191 and 229 m levels. At the end of 1947 it was estimated that ore reserves totalled 72 600 tonnes (Manitoba Mines Branch b, Ogama-Rockland Gold Mines Limited).
In 1947 increased costs of labour, and supplies forced Ogama-Rockland to borrow $325\000 from Gunnar Gold Mines Ltd. to complete the full program of development work and place the mill in operation. This increased the loan to $575,000.
The mill officially commenced operations on July 1, 1948. During the same year a 24 m fir timber headframe was erected at the Ogama shaft and the original 15 m headframe was moved and erected at the Rockland site. The first gold brick was poured in 1948.
At the Ogama workings a total 1297 m crosscutting and drifting, 537 m of raising, and 1163 m of diamond drilling were done during 1948 and 1949.
A second shaft was sunk on the Rockland vein, 600 m northwest of the Ogama shaft.The three-compartment shaft narrowed to two-compartment size at a depth of 11\m and then continued at this size to a depth of 83 m. Stations were cut at 38 and 76 m levels and 507 m of crosscutting and drifting and 410 m of diamond drilling were done during 1948 and 1949.
During 1950 the Ogama shaft was deepened to 314 m and stations were cut at the 267 and 305 m levels. In the Ogama Workings 1436 m of crosscutting and drifting, 306 m of raising and 4038 m of diamond drilling were done.
Total development at the Rockland Workings during 1949 and 1950 consisted of 18 m of raising above the 38 m level, and 5 m of subdrifting and 46 m of raising above the 76 m level.
By the end of 1950 consideration was being given to closing the mine. After F.D. Shepherd examined the property and made his report, the management decided to suspend operations. All mining work was completed in April 1951, and salvage work on a greater part of the underground equipment was started. Milling of ore was also completed in April and salvage of the mill circuit and of the crusher and mill equipment was begun. All machinery and equipment were moved to Great Falls and disposed of in an attempt to repay the debenture loan to Gunnar Gold Mines Limited.
In 1956 the leases on the Ogama M.C. and Rockland M.C. were renewed for an additional 21-year period. Ogama-Rockland Gold Mines Limited changed its name to Realm Mining Corporation Limited in 1959. The claims were cancelled in 1966.
John Calverley restaked the deposits with their previous names as Ogama M.C. (W 39616) and Rockland M.C. (W 39617) in 1966. Shortly afterward the claims were assigned to H.T. Leslie. At least one diamond drill hole was put down on the Rockland M.C. in 1968, but one year later both properties were cancelled.
In 1969 S. Buus staked Air No. 11 (W 42953) in the former location of the Ogama MC. Air No. 10 (W 42952) was staked in the position of the Rockland M.C. Half interest was assigned to Ted Burke-Gaffney in 1970, but in 1972 these claims were also cancelled.
In 1973 John Calverley staked the deposits for a second time. This time Hope No. 9 (W 44627), Hope No. 12 (W 44630) and CB 5911 covered the deposits. These claims were assigned to Gold Lake Resources Ltd. shortly after their staking. The company drilled five holes totalling 47 m in 1973. Claims W 44627 and CB 5911 were cancelled in 1976 and 1972 respectively.
The ground remained open until November 1978 when D.J. MacEachern on behalf of W.B. Dunlop staked the deposits as CB 10060. Line cutting and EM surveys were undertaken in 1979 and 1980. Independent Exploration Services Ltd. completed a study of the Ogama deposit in October 1980.
The claims were assigned to Mid North Resources Limited in January 1981 and subsequently optioned by Camflo Mines Limited. VLF-EM and magnetometer surveys were carried out in the winter-spring and followed up with geological mapping and geochemistry surveys in the summer. In 1982 a study was carried out to establish the feasibility of hauling and custom milling surface material from the Ogama-Rockland area. In all 68 tonnes of material was hauled. The grades proved too low to be economic. Camflo Mines changed its name to Barrick Resources Corporation in 1984. The property was dormant until 1984 when Angela Development Ltd. and Arbor Resources Inc. entered into an option agreement with Barrick Resources. From August to October 1984 a 3 hole drill program was carried out.

Year Tonnes Milled Value Grade
1942 3 738 *$ 145 109.28 3.49 g/tonne (1.01 oz/ton)
1948-51 129 948 *$1 702 228.14 11.66 g/tonne (0.34 oz/ton)

*Approximate gold production 1555.15 kg (50 000 oz) g
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