Please be advised that the MEP Winnipeg office is closed for in-person services due to unforeseen circumstances. You may experience a delay in receiving payment or a response to your inquiry.

If you are a support payor, and normally pay by debit or in cash, please visit our website for alternate methods of payment and any required forms. Please note that it remains your responsibility to submit payment by the due date to avoid Late Payment Penalties.

If you are a support recipient who is expecting a payment by cheque, you may wish to complete and submit a Direct Deposit form to avoid payment delays due to potential mail delivery delays. This form allows MEP to deposit payments directly into your bank account.

The above forms can be found by going to the FORMS link at the top of this page.

We ask that you forward your questions, concerns and any required forms by email to: ManitobaMEPInquiries@gov.mb.ca so that we can respond to you as quickly as possible.

We will make all efforts to respond to inquiries and process payments as quickly as possible during this time and we thank you for your patience.

Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP)

The Maintenance Enforcement Program is part of the Family Resolution Service which supports family well-being and healthy transitions by delivering family-centered services in collaboration with public, private and community partners. We help families resolve their issues in a safe, collaborative, fair, affordable and timely way. In Manitoba, court orders with support payments, Child Support Service decisions, family law arbitration awards, and some written agreements, can be enforced through the Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP). The Program is authorized under The Family Support Enforcement Act (proclaimed July 1, 2023) to receive and monitor payments, and take steps to collect missed payments (arrears).

Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) Forms and Information Sheets Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Connect with MEP

Working with families to maintain child and spousal support payments set in court orders, agreements, family arbitration awards, and Child Support Service decisions through the Maintenance Enforcement Program.

Forms and information sheets for support payors, support recipients and third parties (for example: financial institution or employer).

Family Resources:

Contact MEP if you have questions or concerns:

100 – 352 Donald Street
Winnipeg MB R3B 2H8
Telephone: 204-945-7133
Toll Free: 866-479-2717
Fax: 204-945-5449
Email: ManitobaMEPInquiries@gov.mb.ca

Please include your full name and file number when communicating with MEP.


It is important to feel safe and secure in relationships with others. Unexpected changes in a relationship can sometimes threaten a person and family’s emotional, mental, physical and financial safety, and wellbeing. Help is available for you and your loved ones.

What if I have safety concerns?

The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP), as part of the Family Resolution Service, screens all families for intimate partner violence and family violence. Families can be referred to a Family Guide or community based supports who provides information and safety planning. Please visit the Family Law Manitoba’s Intimate Partner Violence webpage for more information.

Privacy and Protection of Your Information

Families working with MEP are not entitled to any personal information about the other party. This includes addresses, phone numbers, employment information and details of conversations between the other party and program staff. A complete copy of a file’s contents cannot be provided because it contains confidential information about the other party.