Sheriff Services


  • To provide a safe, secure, and accessible courtroom and courthouse environment throughout the province;
  • To provide safe and timely escort and security of persons in custody (youth and adult) between correctional institutions and the courts;
  • To provide an effective and efficient Jury Management Program (in regional offices);
  • To provide timely and efficient service and execution of government and court documents.

Activity Identification

  • Provides security of the Law Courts Complex in Winnipeg through the use of scanning devices at two main building entrances and by the deployment of foot patrol officers throughout the complex;
  • Provides security of Provincial Court Building, 373 Broadway in Winnipeg;
  • Provides security of court offices in Brandon, Dauphin, The Pas, Thompson and Portage la Prairie;
  • Provides security to over 40 court and circuit court locations throughout the province;
  • Co-ordinates and provides for the safe and efficient movement of persons in custody from various provincial and federal institutions, to their required court appearances;
  • Supports the daily court sittings by providing efficient lock-up operations throughout the province;
  • Supports the daily court sittings by providing video court security in six provincial institutions – Winnipeg Remand Centre, Headingly Correctional Centre, Women’s Correctional Centre, Milner Ridge Correctional Centre, The Pas Correctional Centre and Agassiz Youth Centre;
  • Issues jury summonses and co-ordinates the jury selection process (in regional offices);
  • Provides for the care and supervision of selected juries until the trial conclusion (in regional offices only);
  • Serves and enforces court orders issued out of all levels of courts including writs of seizure and sale, protection orders, subpoenas, summonses and sheriff’s certificates;
  • Streamline the arrest, processing and transfer of accused persons taken into custody in court through the Sheriff Officer Warrant Diversion Project Process;
  • Develops and implements the Sheriff Services Preventative Security Intelligence Program province wide;
  • Delivers and administers the Sheriff Services training program province wide;
  • Provides escort for patients under the jurisdiction of the Review Board.