Minister's Message

Welcome to Manitoba’s Capital Region Web site, which was created as a means of sharing information about the Capital Region.
The Capital Region is very significant to the Province. Although it makes up only 1.4% of the Province’s total land base, the area is home to almost two thirds of Manitoba’s population. Its orderly and progressive development is therefore vital not only for providing a high quality of life for area residents, but also for the economy of the province as a whole.
The Capital Region offers great potential. It is critical that everyone involved in realizing its development be fully informed of its resources, the challenges it faces, and existing and emerging opportunities. This Web site is one way that information can be shared. Understanding and agreeing to the facts is essential as we work together to plan the region’s future development.
I encourage you to be informed and become engaged as we plan for the future of Manitoba’s Capital Region.
Minister of Manitoba Municipal Government
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