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Research and Innovation

The Research and Innovation Program supports the development of science-based solutions and tools that address known challenges, prepare for potential disruptions and climate threats, and capture emerging opportunities in the agriculture and agri-food sector. The Program provides funding to eligible applicants for basic and applied research and capacity building projects that advance the growth and sustainability of the sector by fast-tracking the pace of innovation. This can include the development of new technologies and practices, new products, and the advancement of knowledge.

There are two funding streams available for research and innovation financial assistance:

Intake Information

The intake for this program is now closed. Please ensure that you are checking back for information regarding program updates and future intake dates. For the most up-to-date information on upcoming programming, subscribe to the Growing Manitoba Ag newsletter (click here) and follow us on X (formerly Twitter) (@MBGovAg).

Eligible Applicants

The Research and Innovation program is open to:

  • Agri-processors
  • Indigenous Government/Indigenous individuals, businesses, communities, and organizations, other Indigenous groups undertaking agricultural initiatives
  • Industry Organizations
  • Primary Producers
  • Research Institutions
  • Service Providers

All applicants who identify as a researcher (including academic institutions) or a Government of Canada department or agency will be required to identify at least one non-researcher, non-government co-applicant to be eligible for funding. In that case, the co-applicant must be either a primary producer, an agri-processor, an industry organization or a service provider (non-research).

Eligible Expenses

The following expenses are eligible for funding:

Please refer to the program guide for more details on eligible and ineligible expenses.

Focus Areas

When applying for funding, applicants are encouraged to focus on one of the following areas:

Project Timeline

The project duration for program activities may be single or multi-year. Multi-year projects can be up to three consecutive years but must be completed by December 31, 2027.

Cost Share Funding

The R&I program projects are cost shared between government and the applicant. The cost share ratio varies depending on the funding stream, total project cost and if the project results in Intellectual Property (IP) or requests confidential results.

Funding Stream IP or
Cost Share
Basic and Applied
NO 70:30 on first $100,000
60:40 on remaining amount over $100,000
YES 50:50
Capacity Building N/A 50:50

Please refer to the Program Guide for more details.

Application Process

Funding requests for this program are part of a two-stage review process:

Stage 1: Completion of a Letter of Intent.

Stage 2: Once the LOI review process is complete, applicants with eligible projects will be invited to submit a full proposal through the completion of an Application Worksheet (to be provided through the follow up invitation process).

Additional Information and Documents

Viewing Forms: left click on the file name below and the form will open in your web browser.

Completing Forms: to complete the Letter of Intent, right click on the file name below, select "Save link as" and save document to your desktop. Open document by selecting file name from desktop, ensuring that the document is being opened with Adobe. If there are any issues in opening the form(s), please ensure that you have installed the most up-to-date version of Adobe.

Terms and Conditions Program Guide