Fire and Emergency Response Program

The Provincial Wildfire Program is responsible for the prevention, detection and suppression, of wildfires. The program manages all human and equipment resources needed for fighting wildfires in the province. Staff monitor weather patterns, lightning strikes, soil moisture and forest conditions to determine the probability and location of wildfires.

Manitoba's Wildfire Program works in close cooperation with other forest fire fighting agencies and jurisdictions. Equipment and other resources are shared through the Canadian Inter Agency Forest Fire Centre.


As the primary forest fire protection agency in the province, the department has a mandate under the Wildfires Act to directly provide and / or support fire protection within the Burnings Permit Area and unorganized territory and to assist in fire control outside of these areas when necessary and / or requested – subject to availability of resources and values at risk.


  1. Life ;
  2. Significant property values, including forestry and other resource values ;

Overall Objectives

The overall objectives of the fire program are :

  1. to protect life, property and other resources from wildfires ;
  2. to provide levels of protection consistent with the values at risk ;
  3. to minimize total costs, plus losses.

Protection Zones (map)

There are three fire protection zones within the province where the department's fire response varies as follows :

  1. Primary Protection Zone - This zone constitutes much of the Burnings Permit Area and contains most of the province's commercially valuable timber resources. Within this zone, the department will carry out an immediate initial response on all fires and will conduct an initial attack whenever values warrant and suppression resources are available. Initial attacks that have failed will require an escaped fire analysis with continued action determined based on values at risk, availability of suppression resources and estimated suppression costs ;
  2. Observation Zone - Within this zone an initial response is taken only if life is at risk and / or property values warrant a suppression response ;
  3. Agricultural Zone - Within this zone fire action is generally the responsibility of another agency (Rural Municipality ). However, the department will assist these agencies when necessary and / or when requested - subject to availability of resources and values at risk.