The purpose of this program is to administer the Livestock Manure and Mortalities Management Regulation A team, including Environment Officers and Environmental Engineers, has been established for this purpose.Team members are regionally based to provide local coverage, and centrally coordinated to ensure consistent delivery of the program. Primary responsibilities include the issuance of permits for construction, modification or expansion of manure storage facilities and confined livestock areas, investigation of complaints, annual inspection of permitted manure storage facilities, inspection of manure storage facilities undergoing construction / modification / expansion, and enforcement of regulations on management of manure and mortalities.

Office and Staff Locations

Environmental Compliance and Enforcement

Lac du Bonnet
Portage La Prairie

(204) 392-3227
(204) 945-0675
(204) 641-4091
(204) 573-0518
(204) 345-1490
(204) 239-3608
(204) 622-2030

Environmental Approvals

Manure Management Plans

(204) 945-3078
(204) 945-8321

Emergency Response

24 hour emergency reporting line - 1-855-944-4888