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Institutions and Boards for Employers

Boards, Committees and Regulations available to assist Employers:
  • Private Vocational Institutions registers all private vocational institutions in Manitoba that are governed by the Private Vocational Institutions Act and Manitoba Regulation 237/02. Programs exceeding 40 or more hours or a total cost of $250.00 or more and are listed as a vocation in the National Occupation Classification Index of Titles and are required to be registered. 
  • The Apprenticeship & Certification Board along with the Provincial Advisory Committees work closely with Apprenticeship Manitoba in order to develop legislative guidelines in Manitoba for apprenticeship trades and training.
  • Post-Secondary Institutions Manitoba has many options for post-secondary education at Universities, Colleges, Private Vocational Schools, and Vocational/Technical Training Institutions. In addition, there are a number of vocational programs offered through religious schools and high schools. Continuing Education, Distance Education, and International Education are available at several institutions throughout the Province.