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Hudson Bay Lowland


Till sampling and stratigraphy of the Kaskattama highland region

Project Information

Principal investigators:
Tyler Hodder, Michelle Gauthier

Partnered with:
University of Waterloo (Post-Doctoral Fellow Sam Kelley)
GEM-2 (Hudson-Ungava Project)

Location (Manitoba component only):
Parts of 54B, 54O


Project Description

Main objectives:

The overall objective of this project is to visit key sites in the largely unexplored Kaskattama highland region of northeastern Manitoba. This project will provide a regional till compositional dataset to assess the economic potential and contribute to our understanding of the Quaternary history of this remote region.


  • Nine days of helicopter-supported fieldwork to visit key field sites in 2017.
  • Sampling of till for characterization.
  • Logging of Quaternary stratigraphy.
  • Conducting clast fabric measurements to determine ice-flow history.



A strong public geoscience knowledge base is recognized internationally as a key competitive advantage in profiling a jurisdiction’s geological potential and attracting investment in mineral exploration and development. The products of this project will provide a direct influence on exploration in this remote region of northeast Manitoba.


Plans for fiscal year 2017-2018:

  • Release of 2016 kimberlite-indicator-mineral results.
  • Submission of 2017 till samples for geochemistry, kimberlite-indicator-mineral analysis and clast lithology counts.
  • Report of activities publication.


Completed outputs:


Hodder, T.J. and Kelley, S.E. 2017: Kimberlite-indicator-mineral results derived from glacial sediments (till) in the Kaskattama highland area of northeast Manitoba (parts of NTS 53N, O, 54B, C); Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, Manitoba Geological Survey, Open File OF2017-1, 6 p.

Hodder, T.J., Kelley, S.E., Trommelen, M.S., Ross, M. and Rinne, M.L. 2017: The Kaskattama highland: till composition and indications of a new Precambrian inlier in the Hudson Bay Lowland? (abstract); Geological Association of Canada–Mineralogical Association of Canada, Joint Annual Meeting, Kingston, Ontario, May 14–17, 2017, Program with Abstracts, v. 40, p. 160.


Hodder, T.J. and Kelley, S.E. 2016: Quaternary stratigraphy and till sampling in the Kaskattama highland region, northeastern Manitoba (parts of NTS 53N, O, 54B, C); in Report of Activities 2016, Manitoba Growth Enterprise and Trade, Manitoba Geological Survey, p. 187–195.

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