Industry Working Groups

In June 2021, the new Apprenticeship and Certification Amendment Act came into force in Manitoba. As part of the Act, the Standing Committees of the Board and the Provincial Advisory Committees were dissolved and replaced by Sector Committees and Industry Working Groups. The Sector Committees have the authority to set up Industry Working Groups to assist in making recommendations to strengthen the standards for a specific trade.

The purpose of an Industry Working Group is to foster stakeholder engagement and to ensure standards are reflective of current industry practices and needs. Industry Working Groups are convened as needed for a time-limited period and advise Sector Committees on updates related to program standards, curriculum, exams and any other content related to the trades or occupations. These working groups provide advice to the Board and/or its committees. Industry Working Groups must consult with industry prior to making recommendations to the Sector Committee.

If you would like to serve on an Industry Working Group, contact Apprenticeship Manitoba for an application or download the application form:

Industry Working Group Application Form (English)
Industry Working Group Application Form (Français)