Ag Action Manitoba Program for Farmers 

The Ag Action Manitoba program offers activities for farmers that support the growth and sustainability of primary agriculture in Manitoba. 

Eligible farmers, including young and beginning farmers, can apply to the following Ag Action Manitoba program activities:

  • Agricultural Crown Lands Forage Productivity: is a pilot program, which enables Manitoba farmers who are Agricultural Crown Land forage lease holders to increase forage productivity through beneficial management practices that support comprehensive forage management.
  • Training and Consulting: funding is available for farm management skills training and professional consulting services to strengthen business management practices, financial planning and analysis.
  • Assurance: Beneficial Management Practices: fund the adoption of beneficial management practices (BMPs) identified in Environmental Farm Plans to help farmers improve sustainability and reduce environmental risks on their farms.
  • Research and Innovation: supports basic and applied research, capacity building and knowledge transfer activities to advance growth and sustainability of the agriculture industry.

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