Ag Action Manitoba Program for Industry Organizations

The Ag Action Manitoba program helps industry organizations develop and implement strategic planning and business management activities for long-term growth.

Industry organizations include non-profit organizations that are actively engaged in representing farmers, agri-processors, or agri-business members interests, and that are working to further the competitiveness of Manitoba’s agriculture sector.

If you are an association, commission, non-profit organization, board or represent Indigenous government and communities, you may be eligible to apply to the following Ag Action Manitoba program activities:

  • Organizational Development: includes strategic planning, business planning, communications planning, succession planning, board governance and leadership development activities. Deadline for applications is Tuesday, October 1, 2018.
  • Industry Development: includes support for primary agriculture development, agri-processing, marketing strategies, tools, partnerships, and healthy people, animals, plants and landscapes. Deadline for applications is Tuesday, October 1, 2018..
  • Resource Development: includes developing materials to provide accurate information about farm operations and business management practices, including manuals, transition guides and videos. Deadline for applications is Tuesday, October 1, 2018.
  • Training: supports group learning and knowledge transfer where expertise, learning and skills are shared through annual conferences, meetings, workshops, group training and events. Deadline for applications is Tuesday, October 1, 2018.
  • Research and Innovation: consists of two funding streams – basic and applied research and development, and strategic innovation investment related to capacity-building. Check our website regularly for calls of letters of intent.  

For more information on the Ag Action Manitoba Program for Industry Organizations, review the Guidebook for the Terms and Conditions (PDF 3.8 MB).

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