Purchasing Sweep Nets For Insect Monitoring

The following information will help you choose an appropriate sweep net for monitoring insects and gives a list of some suppliers.

Features Of The Net

Rim Diameter

Nets are sold with different diameters of rims. The rim diameter will affect how many insects are collected in a sweep. So for determining economic thresholds based on the number of insects per sweep a standardized size of net has to be used. For most of our insect pests that are monitored with a sweep net, including lygus bugs in canola, a sweep net of 38 cm (15 inches) diameter is used.

Net Bag

Net bags are commonly made of either a polyester or muslin material, or a combination of these materials. Polyester netting is very porous, allowing you to see into the net (although usually not good enough to count insects), and is also good at overcoming air resistance, which makes sweeping easier. They don’t last as long as the muslin netting when sweeping through heavy crops, however, and will rip easily when sweeping through heavy crops. These net bags are made more for sweeping through the air than for sweeping through fields. The muslin nets are stronger and will last longer, and are designed for field use. Insects can not be seen through this type of net. However, a muslin net with a porous, polyester tip is sometimes used. The polyester tip will eventually wear, but this porous material at the tip allows some visibility into the net. The porous tip to the net also enables insects to be sprayed through the net with an aerosol insecticide, after concentrating them in the porous part of the net, for easy counting if necessary. Another net material that is sometimes used is sailcloth, which are a heavy-duty canvas, and is also good for sweeping in brushy plants.  

Where To Purchase Insect Nets


Manitoba Forage Seed Association
Heather McBey
Box 2000
Arborg, Manitoba  R0C 0A0
Phone: 204-376-3309
Fax: 204-376-5095

Distributions Solida
Phone: 418-826-0900

Web: www.solida.ca


Pro metal Industries Ltd.
455 Henderson Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan  S4N 5W8
Phone: 306-525-6710
Fax: 306-525-5434

United States

BioQuip Products
2321 Gladwick Street
Rancho Dominguez, California,  90220
Phone: 310-667-8800
Fax: 310-667-8808
Web: www.bioquip.com

Sweep Nets Company
3473 Meadowlands Ln
San Jose, CA 95135
Phone: 408-887-7995
Web: www.sweepnets.com

Great Lakes IPM, INC
7563 N Crystal RD
Vestaburg, MI  48891
Phone: 989-268-5693 / 989-268-5911 / 800-235-0285
Fax: 989-268-5311
Web: www.greatlakesipm.com

PO Box 5175
Janesville, WI  53547-5175
Phone: 1-800-382-8473 (customer service)
Phone: 1-800-332-6744 (web support)
Web: www.gemplers.com

                                                                 Revised: May 2018