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Make Manitoba Agriculture your first point of contact for help as you build your future in food and agri-products. 

Manitoba Agriculture’s Value Added Branch helps accelerate the growth of the food and agri-product sector through two units, Business Development and the Food Development Centre (FDC).

The Business Development Unit is dedicated to supporting the sustainable growth of Manitoba's small, scalable food and agri-product companies.  Our knowledgeable and experienced Business Development Specialists provide access to business and marketing consultations, strategic pathfinding, cutting-edge industry training and funding opportunities.

In its 45 plus year history, the Food Development Centre has established itself as an internationally recognized leader in food research and development, and works behind the scenes for clients of all sizes to ensure that they can successfully innovate and grow. FDC provides technical and research assistance on a  fee-for-service basis. 

Both units work together to provide the expertise and experience to deliver services in a single window approach.  

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Manitoba Agriculture has launched a Business Pathways website to make it easier to find the connections, tools and resources you need every step of the way, incorporating the programs and services provided by business service providers and industry partners from the entire ecosystem. 

In the About the Sector section, you can learn about the food, beverage and protein sectors in Manitoba.

What's New

Business Pathways Information Circular

The Value Added Branch of Manitoba Agriculture is bringing you up-to-date food processing and business information. This information circular will provide information on financial and non-financial programs, events and training opportunities, market access information, business, marketing and food safety resources and links to relevant news stories.

Previous issues can be viewed here.

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Manitoba's Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP)

The Capital Infrastructure and Investments program supports the growth and expansion of Manitoba's agri-processing sector by assisting with capital investment purchases for modernization and capacity building activities.

The Market Development program provides financial assistance for market development activities that enhance interprovincial trade and export capacity and improve trade access for the sector.

The Sustainable Agri-Processing program provides funding to support the sustainability of Manitoba's agri-processing sector by assisting with studies and capital investment purchases that contribute energy saving and Green House Gas (GHG) reduction, optimization of agri-inputs, reduction of water use and clarification of waste water, and the conversion of by-products and waste products to alternative value-added applications.

You can keep up to date with the SCAP programs and dates here and by signing up to receive Manitoba Agriculture's newsletter for notification of intake dates by clicking here.

Sustainable CAP Webinars 

Learn about program eligibility, funding streams, cost share amounts, program details and writing your application at the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) playlist.

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