Brand Registration

The Brands Registry is a livestock identification program designed to store information relating to livestock brands registered in the Province of Manitoba. This program is used to register new brands, issue brand certificates and receipts, and generate renewal and cancellation notices. This livestock identification program is maintained under the provision of The Livestock and Livestock Products Act.


How to Apply for a Brand

The cost to register a livestock brand in Manitoba is $26.25 ($25.00 + GST) for each brand, location, and species. To apply for a livestock brand you need to fill out an Application For Registration of a Brand. Be sure to draw in three (3) brand choices. Once we receive your application form, we will check your choices to the database to see if your choice is available.

See the Rules for Designing Brands web page for details of allowable brand designs.

Please make the cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance and return it along with the completed application to the address stated on the form. Once your brand is registered, you will receive a certificate and receipt in the mail.

Your brand will be registered for five (5) years. At the end of your five (5) years, you will receive a Renewal Notice in the mail to renew your existing brand for an additional five (5) years. The cost to renew your brand is $26.25 ($25.00 + GST). We do not offer lifetime brands in Manitoba.

If you choose not to renew your brand, the brand will then be placed on hold for an additional five (5) years; after which, the brand will be available to be registered by a new owner.

It is up to the registered brand owner to inform us of any phone number or address changes to be sure you receive your renewal notices.


How to Change the Name or Transfer an Existing Brand

To change the name or transfer a brand you will need to fill out the Application for Change of Name or a Transfer of Registered Brand. Once the form is complete, you will need to have it witnessed by either a Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public or Justice of the Peace. Once the transfer is processed, the new brand owner will receive a certificate and receipt in the mail.


Mailing Address for Brand Application and Change of Name or Transfer Forms

Your application form can be mailed to:

Manitoba Agriculture

Box 850, 247 Wellington St. W

Virden, Manitoba    R0M 2C0



If you require additional information about the forms and application or renewal process, please contact Teresa Ziegler by phone at 431-271-0161 or by email at

If you require additional information on general branding questions, please contact Juanita Kopp by phone at 204-825-4302 or by email at