Statistics Tables

This section includes perspectives on farm capital resources, land, farms and maps. Tables and charts provide  a historical perspective. 

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Capital Investment per Farm, 2016 (XLS 343KB or PDF 90KB)
Farm Machinery Numbers, 2016 (XLS 348KB or PDF 89KB)
Historical Machinery on Farms, 2016 (XLS 347KB or PDF 91KB)
Land Use by Area, 2016 (XLS 353KB or PDF 191KB)
Size and Number of Farms, 2016 (XLS 354KB or PDF 94KB)
Farms by Farm Type - Region, 2016 (XLS 341KB or PDF 93KB)
Percent Crop-Livestock Farms, 2016 (XLS 341KB or PDF 92KB)
Farms by Operator Type, 2016 (XLS 340KB or PDF 88KB)
Farm Operator Characteristics, 2011 (XLS 345KB or PDF 71KB)
Historical Farm Area & Land Use, 2016 (XLS 58KB or PDF 36KB)
Historical Farm Numbers & Size, 2016 (XLS 349KB or PDF 89KB)
Historical Farm Area by Tenure, 2016 (XLS 47KB or PDF 91KB)
Farm and Total Population, 2011 (XLS 340KB or PDF 19KB)
Historical Farm Operators, 2011 (XLS 334KB or PDF 27KB)
Manitoba 2016 Census Divisions (PDF)
Wheat Area 2016 (PDF)
Barley Area 2016 (PDF)
Canola Area 2016 (PDF)
Flaxseed Area 2016 (PDF)
Soybean Area 2016 (PDF)
Total Cattle 2016 (PDF)
Total Beef Cows (PDF)
Total Pigs 2016 (PDF)
Total Sheep 2016 (PDF)
Total Dairy 2016 (PDF)
Total Poultry 2016 (PDF)
Number of Farms 2011 (PDF 365KB)
Average Farm Size 2011(PDF 352KB)