The Manitoba Advantage in Hemp Protein 


Manitoba is home to the largest number of hemp processors and contract farmers in Canada. Hemp production is concentrated in south central and northwestern Manitoba, adjacent to processors in the area. Manitoba provides favourable environmental conditions for growing hemp in the northern prairies.


Manitoba's Hemp Protein Industry

  • Manitoba had 10,126 seeded acres of hemp in 2018, for 3,980 metric tonnes of grain production.
  • From hemp fiber to seeds, the entire hemp crop is harvested, making it one of the most commercially-used crops.
  • There are six processors of various hemp components and products in Manitoba.  

The hemp industry employed 1,235 Manitobans in 2016 and generated $113.7 million in hemp exports in 2020.


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Market and Consumer Trends


Demand for hemp protein is driven by consumers looking to add more plant-based foods to their diets. The protein content of hemp seed is around 25 per cent.

There are opportunities to develop specialised hemp protein ingredients with improved functionality. Currently, there are companies that produce hemp protein concentrates. Hemp protein is a sought after product because of its digestibility, assimilation and nutrient density.   


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