Protecting Manitobans Budget 2021


Budget 2021 is about protecting Manitobans and their services through COVID-19 and advancing Manitoba and the economy past COVID-19.

Budget 2021 will invest more:

  • in health care and COVID-19 support including mental health support, child care access, reducing wait times and providing health care closer to home
  • in jobs with new actions to grow our economy, boost skills and attract newcomers to our province
  • in economic growth by encouraging private sector investments and further reducing red-tape
  • and keep making life more affordable for working families by bringing much-needed tax relief.

This budget plans for an equally strong and resilient Manitoba into the future.

Manitoba Provincial Budget and Supporting Documents

Download detailed documents outlining the government's financial plans.

Budget 2021

Other financial documents are available in alternate format upon request:

Introducing the Manitoba Education Property Tax Rebate

Budget 2021

The Manitoba government will begin the phase out of education property taxes in Budget 2021. Over the next two years, education property taxes will be cut in half for residential and farm property owners. Property owners of other types of property will see a ten per cent rebate this year.

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Roadmap to Economic Recovery

Roadmap to Recovery

Economic growth remains at the center of our plan for a stronger, more prosperous Manitoba. Our response to COVID-19 required significant public health and economic interventions over the past year.

Government committed over $3 billion to protect Manitobans and provided financial supports to hundreds of thousands of Manitobans and businesses. Manitoba’s Roadmap to Recovery includes new and ongoing measures to help our province recover economically, create jobs and generate good incomes.

Looking ahead, Manitoba’s Economic Growth Action Plan will focus on getting people back to work and putting money in families’ pockets, helping employees of pandemic-impacted sectors, and supporting women’s economic empowerment, among other priorities.

Read more: Roadmap to Recovery (PDF 124 KB)

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Premier Brian Pallister, April 7, 2021 - 3:30 p.m.

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