Cannabis in Manitoba

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy cannabis?

In Manitoba, you can only buy legal non-medical cannabis from a cannabis retailer licensed by the Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA). On October 17, the LGCA will post a list of licensed retail stores at, where you can also learn more about cannabis laws and regulations in Manitoba.

How can I open a cannabis store in Manitoba?

Manitoba placed limits on the number of cannabis retailers out of concern there may not be enough supply available from Health Canada-licensed cultivators and processors to serve an open marketplace at the date of legalization. Manitoba has instead used competitive bidding processes to support limited cannabis retail, but these competitions have since closed.

The desired end state for Manitoba is a cannabis retail sector that includes a competitive mix of retailers providing customers with a choice among brand affiliations, service quality, and price. Additional opportunities to participate in the industry will present themselves once the non-medical cannabis market and supply chain matures.

For more information, please see

Can I smoke or vape medical cannabis at work?

It is against the law to be impaired at work if you are putting yourself or others at risk of injury. Workplaces are responsible for setting their own policies on cannabis. Please follow up with your workplace for its rules medical and non-medical cannabis use.

How much cannabis can I have at home?

Manitobans aged 19 and up can possess up to 30 grams of non-medical cannabis in public. There is no limit in a federal or provincial Act as to the amount of dried (or equivalent in non-dried) non-medical cannabis that can be in a person’s possession within the home. However, growing non-medical cannabis at home is prohibited in Manitoba.

How much cannabis can a driver or passenger possess?

The 30-gram per person limit for possession of non-medical cannabis by Manitobans aged 19 and up applies to drivers and passengers in vehicles, as long as the cannabis is properly stowed.

What is considered safe storage and transport of cannabis in a vehicle?

As per the Highway Traffic Act, cannabis must be stored in the trunk, an exterior compartment on the vehicle or another space in the vehicle designed for the carriage of goods or baggage that is not readily accessible to any person in the vehicle.

Can I smoke cannabis in my apartment or condo building?

The Smoking and Vapour Products Control Act prohibits smoking and vaping cannabis in the common areas of residential buildings (hallways, elevators, stairways, lobbies, etc.) including apartments and condo buildings, but does not regulate whether Manitobans can smoke or vape in their suites. That is up to the property owner or governing board or association.

Restrictions on smoking and vaping cannabis in public outdoor places will apply to the property of multiple-unit residential buildings. However, the owner of the building may designate an outdoor area on the property at least 8 metres from the building and any swimming pool where residents of the building may smoke or vape cannabis.

Can I smoke or vape cannabis on my condo balcony?

The Smoking and Vapour Products Control Act does not regulate whether Manitobans can smoke or vape in their suites; that is up to the property owner or governing board or association.

A condo or apartment balcony is considered part of a private suite, so rules around cannabis use on a balcony would be dealt with by the building’s property owner or governing board or association.

Can I have cannabis delivered by courier?

Legal non-medical cannabis can be purchased online from licensed cannabis retailers once the stores are ready to sell cannabis.  The retail stores are responsible for arranging cannabis delivery. For more information on online cannabis delivery standards, please see   

Can I give CBD oil to my pet?

Animals respond differently to cannabis than people do. Feeding a pet any legal intoxicant, including cannabis and alcohol, to the point of intoxication violates the Animal Care Act.

If your pet has a medical condition, consult with a veterinarian. There currently are very few cannabis products that can be safely prescribed to pets.

How much will legal non-medical cannabis cost?

Manitoba’s private cannabis retailers will set their own prices in accordance with their business plans, like any other retail business in Manitoba. The intent is that pricing will be competitive with the black market.

Will cannabis retail stores also sell alcohol?

No, cannabis and alcohol will not be sold alongside each other in Manitoba.

When can I buy edibles from licensed retail stores?

Under the federal Cannabis Act,only cannabis fresh flower, dried flower and oil are legal for sale in Canada by provincially-licensed retailers beginning October 17, 2018.  No edible products are legal for sale by any person or organization until the federal government creates, introduces and passes regulations around the sale of edible/drinkable cannabis-based/infused products.

These regulations are not expected to be introduced until 2019 at the earliest, so the sale of edible products will start well after that. 

How will police know that I am allowed to smoke or vape my medical cannabis in public?

You must carry your federal authorization with you.

Will non-medical cannabis legalization change possession limits for medical cannabis?

Health Canada’s existing medical cannabis program will remain in place following legalization of non-medical cannabis, meaning that the rules around medical cannabis possession will not change following non-medical legalization.