happy people of multiple ethnicities

The Multiculturalism Secretariat advances the goals of the Manitoba Multiculturalism Act.

The secretariat promotes awareness of our province’s rich cultural diversity and works with ethnocultural organizations to build capacity and support community development by providing funding and offering information sessions and organizational support.

The act emphasizes these key values:

  • Manitoba has been a multicultural society since its original, First Nations population.
  • The diversity of Manitobans is a fundamental characteristic of our society and benefits all Manitobans.
  • Racial harmony shall be promoted.
  • Manitoba's multicultural society is not a collection of separate societies divided by language and culture but is rather a single society united by shared laws, values, aspirations and responsibilities.
  • Manitobans have the freedom to express and foster their cultural heritage.
  • Cultural diversity is a source of pride and strength.
  • Equality and respect for cultural values shall be promoted.
  • Creating partnerships with and encouraging co-operation between cultural communities is important.

Manitoba is proud of its multiculturalism.

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Multiculturalism Secretariat
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