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Sport, Culture and Heritage's Reports and Expenses

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Expenses for the former Department of Multiculturalism and Literacy can be found on 2007 to 2016 Fiscal – Multiculturalism and Literacy's Reports and Expenses.

Minister’s Out of Province Travel Expenses

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Minister’s Annual Expense Reports

Minister's individual expenses are defined as costs personally incurred by a Minister and paid by the Minister's department. They do not include Minister’s constituency expenses, which are covered by the Legislative Assembly.

The types of expenses included in these reports are:

  • transportation and travel;
  • accommodations and meals;
  • hospitality; and
  • communications.

These reports are based on the organizational structure in place at the end of the reporting period. If Ministers change portfolios during the year, the report for a department will include the costs for both the current and the previous Minister.

Annual Reports

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