Respectful Workplace

Reporting Contacts and Post-Incident Supports

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Employees who have been impacted by inappropriate conduct (e.g. sexual harassment, harassment or bullying) have multiple avenues to report the behaviour or seek support and assistance.


Reporting Contacts

Complaints of inappropriate behaviour can be reported to the following contacts:

Immediate supervisor or any level of management

Employees can make a complaint verbally or in writing to their immediate supervisor, to any level of management up to the Deputy Minister of their department, or to the Clerk of the Executive Council. Contact information for Deputy Ministers' offices can be found at

Human Resources

Incidents of inappropriate behaviour can also be reported to human resources staff in either the Public Service Commission (PSC) or the Legislative Assembly Management Commission (LAMC), as applicable:

If you are a member of one of the following groups:

  • Member of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly (MLA)
  • Constituency Assistant
  • Employee of a Political* or Non-Political Office of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly
  • Employee of the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth 
  • Employee of the Manitoba Ombudsman
  • Employee of Elections Manitoba
  • Office of the Auditor General of Manitoba

Please contact the Director of Human Resource Services for the Manitoba Legislative Assembly at 204-794-3963.

* Staff employed in the Political Offices of the Legislative Assembly are hired under the authority of the LAMC but take direction from the relevant caucus/political office. Political staff hired/appointed by executive government or through an Order in Council (OIC) are not employees of the Legislative Assembly and should contact an applicable PSC Service Centre at the link above.

Respectful Workplace Advisor

This position provides respectful workplace-related prevention, intervention, and restoration programs and services. The Respectful Workplace Advisor works in consultation with human resources to manage intake, assessment, intervention and resolution processes related to respectful workplace, discrimination and harassment. The Respectful Workplace Advisor can be reached at 204-945-2077 or

Other Complaint Avenues

Employees may also elect to report specific types of complaints through the following avenues:

  • Employee Unions: If you are a member of an employee union, you may also file a grievance in accordance with the applicable collective agreement. Please contact your union for further information regarding your rights and obligations.
  • The Manitoba Human Rights Commission (MHRC): The MHRC receives complaints relating to discrimination on the basis of protected characteristics under The Manitoba Human Rights Code. For more information, please visit or call 204-945-3007 (Winnipeg) or 204-726-6261 (Brandon) or 1-888-884-8681 (Toll Free).
  • SAFE Work Manitoba: SAFE Work Manitoba promotes workplace safety and health for employees and employers across Manitoba. To report a workplace health and safety concern, including harassment, complaints can be submitted through Labour and Regulatory Services – Workplace, Safety and Health. For more information, please visit or call 204-957-7233 or 1-855-957-7233 and press 1 to reach Workplace Safety and Health staff.



Post-Incident Supports

In addition to management, human resources and the Respectful Workplace Advisor listed above, the following contacts can offer additional support and advice to employees impacted by inappropriate behaviour:

Internal Supports and Resources
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP): The EFAP is a voluntary, confidential, short term counselling service. The EFAP also provides informal workplace interventions and mediation/alternate dispute resolution that can assist with workplace restoration. Please call 204-945-5786 or 1-866-669-4916 or visit
  • Learning and Development (L&D): L&D provides a variety of workshops related to respect at work within the Manitoba government, which can be accessed through L&D's Learning Management System at Workshops offered include:
    • Respectful Workplace and Harassment Prevention (Online)
    • Building Respectful Workplaces for Managers (two-day workshop)
    • Building Respectful Workplaces for Employees (one-day workshop)

    For more information, please visit or call 204-945-2276.

  • Safe Space Advisors: These individuals are available to respond to employees' questions about sexual orientation and gender identity. They are not professionally trained counsellors or experts on all matters relating to sexual orientation and gender identity diversity; rather, they are supportive, open-minded contacts who can help point to relevant resources for either confidential personal matters or work-related information. A list of Safe Space Advisors across government can be found at: http://www.internal/csc/safespaces.html. (intranet access required - if intranet access is not available, please call 204-945-2332 to obtain this contact information.)
  • Safe-Walk: The Safe-Walk Program through Protective Services ensures that all Manitoba government staff have the option of an accompanied walk from their work location to their parked vehicle or bus stop located nearby. For more information, please visit: (intranet access required - if intranet access is not available, please call 204-945-2332 to obtain this contact information.)

Additional Supports and Resources
  • Klinic Community Health: This resource provides a full range of health related services from medical care to counselling and education. Please visit:
  • Klinic in Brandon – Manitoba Farm, Rural and Northern Support Service (MFRNSS): This resource provides telephone and online counselling to farmers, rural and northern Manitobans. The MFRNSS houses a Rural Mental Health Resource Centre with books, videos and articles related to rural, northern, Indigenous, and agricultural mental health. Please visit:
  • You Are Not Alone: This website provides a range of information and resources related to sexual violence, including sexual assault, stalking, and sexual harassment. For more information, please visit: