Mandatory Documents

You are required to provide the following documents to Manitoba EMO in order for your DFA claim to be considered. Include your DFA claim number on any documents you send (e.g. 20020XXXX).


Mailing address (our office is not open to the public):
1525 - 405 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3C 3L6

For all claims we require:

  • Financial Assistance Application - We require a signed copy of this form. The form also must be witnessed. The name listed on the Financial Assistance Application must match the name indicated on tax documents submitted to Manitoba EMO. A separate Financial Assistance Application must be filled out and signed by all parties listed on the property tax bills of the affected properties.
  • Insurance Declaration Form - This form must be completed by you AND an authorized representative of your insurance company.
  • Property Tax Bill - We require your property tax bill most recent to the event date. This is used to confirm property ownership and property value of the affected property. If more than one piece of property is affected, submit all property tax bills for affected properties.
  • Other important documentation to support your claim:
    • Invoices and corresponding proof of payment for event related repairs.
    • A record of labour hours doing event related work, such as sandbagging, debris clean-up or repairs.
    • Equipment used for event related repairs.

For Farm, Business or Not-for-Profit Organization claims:

  • Tax Information - depending on the ownership structure different supporting documents are required :
    • For Sole proprietorship - A complete copy of the most recent T1 General income tax return.
    • For Partnership - Complete copies of the most recent T1 General income tax returns for both partners.
    • For Limited company - Copy of the applicant's Articles of Incorporation and a complete copy of the most recent Income Tax Return.
    • For not-for-profit organization - Copy of your Canada Revenue Agency Non-Profit Information Return (T1044) or a Corporate Income Tax Return (T2). Also, appropriate documentation verifying that their service or program provides unrestricted access to all members of the community (e.g. letter on appropriate letterhead signed by an approved program designate or organizer).
  • Land Owner's Authorization - This authorization form is only required for farm applications with damage to rented land where repairs are delegated by the land owner to the tenant, the must be completed and signed by the landowner.
  • Veterinary Certificate - For farm applications with livestock loss this certificate must be completed and signed by your veterinary.

For Tenants of Residential claims:

  • Proof of Residency – Tenants must submit documentation to prove they lived at the residence for the time period of the event. Example documentation are
    • Rental Agreement
    • Manitoba Drivers License
    • Manitoba Health Card

Disaster Financial Assistance Information