Mitigation helps communities reduce the risk of future natural disasters. Many areas of Manitoba are at a high risk for flooding, wildfire, drought, and storms. These risks may be made worse by climate change. Mitigation efforts can save money compared to the cost of post-disaster recovery.

Mitigation and Preparedness Program

The Mitigation and Preparedness Program (MPP) is an optional program to assist municipalities to mitigate against future disasters. An MPP program is only established for disasters that are cost-shareable with Canada and when a DFA program is approved by the Manitoba government.

Mitigation Funding

Grant and funding opportunities are available to individuals and Manitoba municipalities.

Flood Insurance

Ensure your home is protected this spring! Overland flood insurance is not included in usual home insurance policies and must be purchased separately from your provider to avoid costly damages. All Manitobans are reminded to review their home insurance policies to see if they are eligible.