The catalogue is updated periodically and the list of charities chosen continues to grow each year. Click the link below to view the catalogue.

View The All Charities Catalogue

The catalogue lists hundreds of agencies chosen by employees, from A to Z, including:
·         arts
·         culture
·         development and housing
·         education
·         environment
·         health
·         international aid
·         law
·         religion
·         research
·         social services
·         sport and recreation
You can write in the name of the agency on your pledge form or use the code in brackets. 

If your favourite charity is not listed, write it on your pledge form and include their correct name, mailing address and charity registration number (assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency).


NOTE:  Charitable agencies cannot be added to the catalogue upon request.  The agencies currently listed have been named by a donor on their All Charities pledge form.  When an agency is named by a donor, they are automatically included in the next issue of the catalogue, both the print copy and online.