Employee Fundraisers

Beginning in 2019, donations collected through employee fundraising events must be forwarded directly to the charity of choice. The All Charities Campaign head office will no longer accept donations directed specifically to the All Charities Campaign. 


Due to this change, the following is a recommended approach for employee fundraisers:

  1. Put together a team to organize and lead the fundraiser activity.
  2. Determine the what, where and when of the fundraiser.
  3. Determine which charity or charities will receive the donations.
  4. Advertise your fundraiser as your team chooses.
  5. Hold your fundraiser and ensure that money raised is sent to the charity or charities of choice.
  6. Let everyone know the results of the fundraiser by posting them to your intranet site, or by sending out an email or newsletter to everyone involved.
  7. Have Fun!  Start up a friendly competition between departments or branches or floor vs. floor. Or have your town challenge another town. The possibilities are endless!

We’d love to hear your fundraising activity success stories. Please send them to our office and we’ll share them on our website.