Vendor Direct Deposit Payment Form Instructions

This form is to be utilized by Government of Manitoba vendors in order to receive payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) instead of by cheque, for Canadian Banks/ Financial Institutions and in Canadian Funds, only.

This form is not to be used for program-specific payments.

Vendor Requirements

Complete the Government of Manitoba’s Vendor Direct Deposit Payment Form, and provide backup documentation (either a void cheque; or letter/confirmation from the bank or financial institution that identifies the account holder’s name, address, bank account, plus the name and address of the bank). Where the bank account holder's name differs from the payee's name, the Government  of Manitoba may request further information from the payee.

No alternate or amended form or process will be accepted.

Completing the Form:

A.     Reason for Submitting this Form (check any/all that are applicable to current Form)

  • Start Direct Deposit – check box if you are providing banking information for the first time.
  • Change Banking Information – Check box to identify this is a change to banking information you previously provided to the Government of Manitoba.  Be aware that processing bank changes may take several weeks. 

    It is incumbent on the vendor to ensure new/current banking information is in place before closing an old bank account.  However, circumstances may arise that require an account to be urgently closed.  If this is the case, contact the department through which you will next be paid (or one that paid you in the recent past if the next paying department is unknown), and advise that you will be sending a Vendor Direct Deposit Payment Form in order to immediately change the existing bank account.  Ensure you have the departmental fax number or email address to which the form (and void cheque, or letter/confirmation from the bank) should be sent, and send it immediately. 

    When speaking with the departmental contact, it would be useful if you have a previous Remittance Advice on-hand as it contains information that will help with locating your vendor account in the payment system. 

    Then, submit the “Vendor Direct Deposit Payment Form” and void cheque (or letter/confirmation from the bank) in order to remove old banking information and establish a new account.  New banking information will not be accepted by phone.
  • Withdraw from Direct Deposit – Check this box if you would like to return to payment by cheque.
  • Provide Email Address – to receive payment details (either banking information must have been previously provided, or must be provided at this time). 

    Ideally, the email address will not be affected by staff changes, in order to avoid having to frequently change it.

B.     Banking Information – read full text for information and instructions. 

Attach either a void cheque, or bank letter/confirmation.  Either must be pre-printed with all of the following information:

• Payee name - the name to which payment will be made by the Government of Manitoba, 

• Current address – Address to where payment will be made.  Where an address has changed, the
old/former address may be crossed-out and the new/current address written in,

• Full bank account, and

• Name and address of the bank

C.     Authorization – read or provide information in the follow sections:

1. Read the full text for information and instructions. 

2. NAME -

- For payment to an individual - print the name and leave “Title” box empty,

- For payment to a “business – print authorized officer’s name and include their title

- For payment to a joint venture

• For companies - authorized representatives must print their names and titles, or,

• Where payment is to be made to multiple individuals, each individual’s name should be printed. 

3. SIGNATURE - should be the signature of the individual being paid; the authorized officer for a business ;or all joint venture representatives.

- Phone number
- Date

4.   YOUR VENDOR ACCOUNT - the number can be found on any previously received cheque stub”, or direct deposit remittance advice, if you have been previously paid by the Government of Manitoba .This is a 7-digit number beginning with a “2”.

5.   PAYEE NAME – this must be the name of the individual, business, or joint venture to which Government of Manitoba will be issuing a payment.  of Manitoba will be issuing a payment. 

6.   MAILING ADDRESS – provide full address to which a payment will be issued, including the postal code.

D.     Submit the Form and void cheque or bank letter/confirmation – Once completed, the Form and backup documentation should be mailed/faxed to the paying department with your next invoice (or other  documentation indicating payment is due). If you need to contact the paying department and do not know who to call, phone: Manitoba Government Inquiry at (204) 945-3744 or Toll Free in Manitoba 1-866-626-4862 for direction.  Please be aware that staff at this number do not act as backup to departments, and do not have information about your payments.

Accessible Vendor Direct Deposit Payment Form