Fiscal Policy and Corporate Services Division

The Division's primary goals are:

  • to provide research, technical and analytical support in respect of national and provincial fiscal and economic matters and intergovernmental finance relations, including cost-shared program; and
  • to administer fiscal arrangements and tax collection agreements with the Federal Government and to administer tax credit programs with the federal government and municipalities.

The Division's primary functions are:

  • providing the Government with research and technical support with respect to national and Provincial fiscal and economic matters and intergovernmental financial relations, and to fulfill the Department's specific economic and fiscal information requirements;
  • providing advice and policy analysis with respect to a broad range of economic and fiscal matters including revenue and expenditure policies;
  • serving as the principal administrative unit of the province for the Income Tax Act (Manitoba), the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements and Established Programs Financing Act and the Tax Collection Agreement with the Federal Government;
  • advising on policies relating to Federal-Provincial fiscal and economic relations;
  • supporting provincial policy, and advancing provincial fiscal interest while representing the Province in various meetings and committees; and
  • administering Tax Credit programs with the federal government and municipalities.

Major areas of responsibility include intergovernmental fiscal relations, economic and fiscal policy analysis and tax policy formulation. Accordingly, the Economic and Federal-Provincial Research unit is comprised of an Administrative Unit and three branches:

    • Intergovernmental Finance Branch
    • Economic and Fiscal Analysis Branch; and
    • Taxation Analysis Branch, which is also responsible for the Tax Assistance Office