NEW! Online FIPPA Awareness Presentation for Employees of Public Bodies

The FIPPA Awareness presentation is now available online!

This presentation will equip employees with an introduction to The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). More specifically, the presentation will provide an understanding of what to expect if records for which they are responsible are the subject of an access request. The presentation will also inform employees of what their responsibilities and obligations are with respect to protecting the personal information they have about individuals as they carry out their daily activities.

Feel free to access the presentation, which has been broken down into five parts, by clicking below.

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Part 1: Roles, Scope and Key Definitions (approx. 14 minutes)

Part 1 of the FIPPA Awareness presentation on "Roles, Scope and Key Definitions" explains the roles required under FIPPA; FIPPA's parts and purposes; the organizations, records and information that fall under FIPPA and some key definitions that will be helpful for this and other parts of this FIPPA Awareness presentation.

Part 2: Access to Information (approx. 27 minutes)

Part 2 of the FIPPA Awareness presentation on "Access to Information" explains how individuals make a request to access records under FIPPA; the steps public bodies can take to coordinate the response to those access requests; and what factors to consider when making an access decision.

Part 3: Protection of Privacy (approx. 26 minutes)

Part 3 of the FIPPA Awareness presentation on "Protection of Privacy" explains when public bodies are permitted to collect personal information; the purpose for which that personal information can be used; if the personal information can be shared with others; and how the personal information must be maintained, retained and secured.

Part 4: Oversight and Accountability (approx. 7 minutes)

Part 4 of the FIPPA Awareness presentation on "Oversight and Accountability" explains the mechanisms in place to encourage accountability by public bodies for actions and decisions under FIPPA, to whom a complaint under FIPPA can be made, and how the complaint is addressed.

Part 5: Things to Think About (approx. 16 minutes)

Part 5 of the FIPPA Awareness presentation on "Things to Think About" suggests considerations as employees go about their day-to-day activities and responsibilities based on the requirements of FIPPA that were explained in the previous parts of this presentation.

Access and Privacy Coordinator/Officer Training

Access and Privacy Coordinators and Officers are specific FIPPA-related roles established by each individual public body that falls under FIPPA.

Access to Information and Privacy staff offer training that is intended to provide Access and Privacy Coordinators and Officers with guidance on how to process access requests made under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and discuss each public body's obligations for collecting, using, disclosing and otherwise protecting personal information when administering its programs or delivering its services.

  • For Access and Privacy Coordinators/Officers of Government departments and agencies, this training is offered upon request.
  • For Access and Privacy Coordinators/Officers of local public bodies (e.g.: educational bodies, health care bodies and local government bodies), this training session is offered two or three times throughout the year. Local public body FIPPA contacts are advised by email with detailed presentation information approximately one month prior to the next learning session. Therefore, if you are an Access and Privacy Coordinator or Officer with a public body, please ensure has your contact information.

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