Service Coordination Pilot Project
Agency Service Coordination Manual

The Agency Service Coordination Manual describes the procedures and service delivery standards for case management throughout the Service Coordination Pilot Project.  This manual is only applicable to the agencies delivering the pilot project – Life’s Journey, New Directions and St. Amant.  Procedures may also apply to agencies delivering other support services (e.g., day services) to participants receiving case management as part of the pilot project.

Please note that new or updated procedures are marked with an asterisk (*), and new information within the procedures appears in bold.

Table of Contents

Section 1 – Project Overview

1.1 Project Overview
1.2 Definitions Glossary
1.3 Overview of Roles and Responsibilities
1.4 Delegated Decision Making for Participants with the Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) Appointed as Substitute Decision Maker
1.4a PGT Participant Information Form *

Section 2 – Administrative Procedures

2.1 Documentation, Maintenance and Storage of Participant Information 
2.1a Community Service Delivery Recording Standards 
2.2 Information Sharing 
2.3 Conflict Resolution and Mediation
2.4 Formal Complaints *
2.4a Complaint Form 

Section 3 – Intake  
3.1 Intake, Age of Majority and Day Services Planning *

Section 4 – Assessment  
4.1 Supports Intensity Scale Assessments, Referrals and Reviews

Section 5 – Planning  
5.1 Person-Centred Planning 
5.2 Exploring Resources, Making Referrals and Working with Partner Agencies
5.3 Funding Requests and Approvals
5.3a Funding Approval Request Form *
5.4 Substitute Decision Maker Applications 

Section 6 – Case Management 
6.1 Protection from Abuse and Neglect: Reporting and Investigations
6.2 Incident Reporting
6.2a Summary of Reporting Requirements Table
6.3 Reviewing a Serious Injury or Suspicious
6.4 Management of Personal Funds
6.4a Authorization for Expenditure *
6.5 Residential Care Licensing
6.6 Ministerial Inquiries
6.6a Ministerial Inquiry Template

Section 7 – Monitoring  
7.1 Ongoing Monitoring 

Section 8 – Transfer and Closure 
8.1 File Transfer, Agency Discharge and Case Closure *
8.1a Agency Discharge Summary