Manitoba is committed to fostering ongoing relationships within and outside our province to address FASD.  Networking with community members, non-profit agencies, and other provincial and territorial jurisdictions assists to ensure our programming and services are informed and relevant. Some of these partnerships include:

Canada Northwest FASD Partnership is an intergovernmental partnership including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. The partnering jurisdictions have agreed to share best practices, expertise, and resources, and to develop joint strategies and initiatives to better address the issue of FASD.  The partnership also supports jurisdictions to host international conferences on the latest advances in research and initiatives related to FASD. Manitoba hosted the Living Well: FASD and Mental Health conference in Winnipeg, MB from November 5-7, 2014.

FASD Community Coalitions are grassroots groups of stakeholders formed by individuals, agencies and professionals working in the area of FASD and may include representation from various provincial government departments. The coalitions are intended to increase community networking, share best practices and provide support for prevention and intervention efforts in local communities across Manitoba.

Manitoba Coalition on Alcohol and Pregnancy brings together families, service providers, community organizations and representatives from government from across the province to share information and resources, co-ordinate activities and plan together to address issues related to FASD. The coalition regularly holds lunch hour information sessions, which are broadcast via the Telehealth network, and assists Manitobans to find local expert speakers on topics related to FASD. A regular newsletter also facilitates the province wide communication. For more information on MCAP or to subscribe to the free newsletter visit the MCAP website: