Fair Practices Office

The Fair Practices Office provides confidential and impartial assistance to Manitobans applying for, or receiving services under, the following Department of Families programs who feel they have not been treated fairly:

  • Employment and Income Assistance
  • Children’s disABILITY Services
  • Community Living disABILITY Services
  • Early Learning and Child Care Program (subsidy)

The Fair Practices Office investigates complaints, mediates disputes and makes recommendations on individual cases to program staff based on investigation outcomes. It also helps to identify complaint patterns and makes recommendations to Government on how service delivery and fairness can be improved within the participating programs.

The Fair Practices Office can help ensure that:

  • The program eligibility requirements and program rules are explained to you
  • You know what benefits or services you are eligible to receive
  • You know when a decision about your case will be made
  • You are able to give your worker new or additional information to help them understand your needs or situation better
  • You are able to clarify or update any information in your file or application that may be incorrect
  • You are told the reasons why a program decision was made
  • Your questions and concerns are answered by program staff
  • Your personal information remains private
  • You are treated fairly and with dignity and respect

If you have applied for, or are receiving services under, the participating programs and feel that you have not been treated fairly,

  1. Speak to your worker about your concern.
  2. If you are unable to resolve your concern, ask to speak to your worker’s supervisor.
  3. If, after talking to your worker and their supervisor, you still feel that you are not being treated fairly then you can call the Fair Practices Office for help.

Note: If you are receiving Federal Income Assistance benefits you can contact the complaints and allegations coordinator of Indigenous and Northern Affairs at 1-855-504-6760 or by fax at 1-819-934-2352 or email at aadnc.cnap-nacc.aandc@canada.ca .