Volunteering at the Manitoba Developmental Centre


The Manitoba Developmental Centre is an accredited facility developmental programs to adults with an intellectual disability from all regions of Manitoba.

The MDC is committed to the principles of resident-centred service and continuous quality improvement. Volunteers are recognized for their valuable contribution in enhancing the quality of life for residents and are respected as contributing members of the team.

Volunteers can choose to participate in activities that suit their interests or serve on various committees as community representatives. Volunteers may be involved in assisting residents with leisure, recreation and special event activities on a group basis.


When Do I Volunteer?

Days, times and number of hours are very flexible.  A schedule can be made to suit volunteers' needs. Afternoons and/or evening times are available seven days a week.

Volunteering at the Manitoba Development Centre provides an opportunity to develop skills in a number of areas such as communications, activity planning and teamwork.

Volunteers share their skills and experiences while gaining new friendships, experience and knowledge in the field of intellectual disabilities.

Volunteering can help career development by providing work experience and references.

Volunteering often contributes to personal growth and development by building confidence and competency.

Volunteer Services will be happy to provide you with an application form and advise you of the application process. The coordinator will meet with you to discuss your interests, skills, expectations and time commitment. When you begin as a volunteer, you will get a tour of the placement area, a general orientation and on-site training.


For more information on volunteering, contact:

Volunteer Services
Manitoba Developmental Centre
840-3rd Street N.E.
Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3C6
Telephone: (204) 856-4312
Fax: (204) 856-4324