If you think a child is being harmed or neglected,
contact CFS at 1-866-345-9241.
Note: If this is an emergency, contact your local police emergency number.


Responding to Sexual Exploitation: Tracia's Trust

What can be done?


The focus of the Manitoba Strategy is on prevention. This includes increasing the general awareness of the issue across all segments of Manitoba’s population, and providing preventative programming for those at risk.
Intervention initiatives are also part of the Manitoba Strategy. Research shows that at risk or sexually exploited children, youth and adults respond most favourably to programs that are:
  • age, developmentally and culturally appropriate,
  • non-judgmental,
  • victim centered,
  • creative,
  • responsive to individual needs,
  • non-coercive, and
  • staffed by individuals who are personally committed and who may have experienced similar life situations.