Working for the Manitoba Government

Employee Networks and Resource Groups

The following are groups that provide a positive resource for learning, sharing experiences, collaborative work environments and most of all fun!


Indigenous Employee Directory

The “Anishinabe Wichitiwin” (helping one another network) is a network resource directory for Manitoba public service Indigenous employees. This initiative was made at the request of many Indigenous employees in the Manitoba public service.

New Professionals Network (NPN)

NPN connects New Professionals across government - that is, people who are new to government, new to a position, or new to a field, and who wish to come together to connect, learn, and grow as they progress with personal and career development. With opportunities to volunteer and mentor, there is room for all skill types and levels within the NPN.

Among the many successful events in the past year, the speed mentoring series has been the most sought after. This event provides participants with an opportunity to speak with senior leaders about career opportunities within GOM and professional development within the public sector.

Touchstone Group

A networking group for employees of Indigenous heritage which offers an email-based network for connecting members with events and information. Members often work together to host or assist with events relevant to Indigenous culture and shared experiences. The network endeavors to touch base with Indigenous employees in other departments, and values and honors each employee's contribution to the Manitoba Government vision of serving the province.

Visible Minority Network (VM Net)

Connects visible minority employees within the Manitoba government for the purpose of learning, cultural diversity appreciation and responsible citizenship.

Accessibility Supports the Promotion of Inclusion, Respect and Equity (ASPIRE)

ASPIRE works to promote accessibility, inclusion, respect and equity to support and educate employees of the Manitoba government. ASPIRE is dedicated to doing our part to create barrier-free and inclusive workplace environments.

ASPIRE is an employee-led group that promotes the full inclusion and professional development of persons with disabilities (PWD) and/or with chronic medical conditions. We recognize all invisible and visible disabilities, and do not require self-declaration of a disability to participate. Employees who are allies in sharing ASPIRE's goals and objectives are also welcome to join.

We are All Valuable and Equal (WAVE)

WAVE is a network created to foster understanding and inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity diversity. The network is open to all interested Manitoba government employees, and is part of broader activities to ensure respectful workplaces for all government employees, including those who self-identify along the 2SLGBTQ+ continuum as well as allies.

Wellness, Health, Environment and Economy Learning Network (WHEEL)

WHEEL builds awareness of the benefits of a low carbon footprint on our environment, health and economy and provides guidance and support to employees aiming to create a cleaner, greener & healthier workplace. We are inclusive and respectful of all employees on their journey towards sustainable lifestyles!

Les Fonctionnaires francophones du Manitoba (FFM)

Seeks to build connections among bilingual employees and have a positive influence on shaping the culture of the public service. The Manitoba government's bilingual employees come together here to enhance the vitality of Manitoba's Francophone community by improving services in French.