Information for Job Seekers

Preparing your resumé and cover letter

Your application is the first step in getting a position.  It is critical that you present yourself in a professional manner, and demonstrate how you meet the qualifications for the position.

There are many free websites providing guidance on how to prepare a resumé and cover letter, but keep the following points in mind:

  • Even if you already have a resumé prepared, you should modify it every time you apply for a position to highlight how you meet the requirements identified in the job advertisement through your education, training and/or experience.

  • Experience does not necessarily have to be job related.  You may have gained valuable experience in other situations (for example:  in school, on a team, when volunteering or providing community service, as a club member).

  • Be positive about your qualifications, but avoid overstating them.

In preparing your cover letter:

  • Make sure to include the job advertisement number and position title in the subject line.

  • Explain how your education, training and experience qualify you for the position.

  • Use your cover letter to provide other information that may not be in your resumé (for example:  if you choose to self-declare if you belong to an employment equity group; other languages spoken).

Make sure either your cover letter or resumé provide a telephone number and/or email address that you can be reached at during normal business hours.