Cold Chain Protocol - Vaccines and Biologics

3.  Management and Accountability

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3.1.  Accountability of Vaccines and Biologics

One of the most important steps in the management of vaccines and biologics is accountability for all the publicly-funded products ordered and received from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living.

  • Every dose administered should be entered into the Manitoba Immunization Monitoring System (MIMS) to be applied to the patient's immunization record by:
  • Mark the date of first withdrawal on Multi-Dose Vials (MDV).

Note:  All unused (still in cold chain) and wasted doses must also be accounted for.

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3.2.  Inventory Management

Designated personnel should be responsible for:

  • Monthly physical inventories
  • Regular stock rotations to ensure that products with the soonest expiration dates are used first and kept in front of same product with longer expiry dates.
  • Using product before it expires.
  • Ensuring that no more than one month’s supply of stock is on hand to reduce wastage.
  • Separating Manitoba Health publicly-funded product from privately purchased product.
  • Referring to the product monographs for how long MDV are viable after first puncture.

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3.3.  Expired or Unusable Products

Expired product can be removed from the refrigerator and stored in a container marked “Expired – Do Not Use”.
Expired or unusable products previously received by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living can be returned to the Provincial Vaccine Warehouse for potential cost recovery or destruction. To find out more:

  • Contact the Provincial Vaccine Warehouse for return instructions at: 204-948-1333 Toll-Free: 855-683-3306

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