The wait time data provided here are for scheduled tests, treatments and services only. Patients who require emergency care are not placed on a wait list.

Diagnostic Services - CT/CAT Scans

CT machines are located in all five regional health authorities.  Ask your health care provider where you are having your scan.

What is a CT/CAT Scan?

A computed tomography (CT/CAT) scan uses X-rays to make detailed pictures of structures inside the body.  It can be used to study many parts of your body, including organs, blood vessels, bones and the spinal cord.  Sometimes, a contrast material (dye) is injected to assess blood flow and look for other problems.

CT/CAT Scan Wait Times
Regional Health Authority
Wait Time
(in weeks)
Interlake-Eastern Selkirk Regional Health Centre 6
Northern St Anthony's Hospital (The Pas) 2
Thompson General Hospital 5
Prairie Mountain Health Brandon Regional Health Centre 4
Dauphin Regional Health Centre 4
Southern Health-Santé Sud Bethesda Regional Health Centre (Steinbach) 5
Boundary Trails Health Centre 4
Portage District General Hospital 1
Winnipeg Concordia Hospital 6
Grace Hospital 14
Health Sciences Centre – Adults 7
Health Sciences Centre – Children 3
Misericordia Health Centre 6
St. Boniface General Hospital 5
Seven Oaks General Hospital 4
Victoria General Hospital 7
Manitoba Average 6

Data for January 2020

Diagnostic wait times are currently under development. Facilities are in different stages of implementation of improved technology for wait time data collection, resulting in variability in wait time data presented between facilities.

CT/CAT Scans Performed
Regional Health Authority
Number of Scans Performed
(per month)
Fiscal Year to Date1
Fiscal Year1
Interlake-Eastern Selkirk Regional Health Centre 1,481 14,180 15,543
Northern St Anthony's Hospital (The Pas) 324 3,494 4,283
Thompson General Hospital 470 4,062 4,386
Prairie Mountain Health Brandon Regional Health Centre2 1,417 11,196 16,598
Dauphin Regional Health Centre 952 9,611 9,792
Southern Health-Santé Sud Bethesda Regional Health Centre (Steinbach) 616 6,184 6,172
Boundary Trails Health Centre 889 8,439 8,851
Portage District General Hospital 514 4,658 4,393
Winnipeg Concordia Hospital 1,072 9,611 11,663
Grace Hospital 1,492 15,451 17,180
Health Sciences Centre – Adults 4,042 41,793 48,896
Health Sciences Centre – Children 230 2,119 2,161
Misericordia Health Centre 889 7,997 8,176
St. Boniface General Hospital 3,243 33,099 34,649
Seven Oaks General Hospital 1,372 12,959 13,554
Victoria General Hospital 1,395 12,522 12,964
Manitoba Total 20,398 197,375 219,261

Data for January 2020

1 Fiscal year is April to March.

Diagnostic Services Historical Information

Historical data for the previous 13 months is available by clicking the link below:

View the historical information here pdf