Joint Consortium for School Health

The Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH) is a leader in supporting the advancement of comprehensive school health in Canada. Established in 2005, the JCSH is a partnership of federal, provincial, and territorial governments from across Canada, working together to promote the health of children and youth in the school setting. Manitoba’s Healthy Schools Initiative is an active participant in the Consortium.   

The JCSH serves as a catalyst to:

  • strengthen co-operation among ministries, agencies, departments and others in support of healthy schools;
  • build the capacity of the health and education sectors to work together more effectively and efficiently;
  • promote understanding of, and support for, the concept and benefits of comprehensive school health initiatives.

Research shows that comprehensive school health approaches can lead to improvements in children’s academic achievements, as well as in their health and wellbeing – improving their quality of life and helping to reduce pressures on our health care system over the long term.

The Consortium is not involved in program design or implementation; rather, it serves to support its member governments by providing a forum, tools and resources for keeping up to date on latest approaches to comprehensive school health in Canada and around the world.

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