Manitoba Geological Survey Staff Directory


Note: If a phone number for a staff profile begins with "431" for the area code, ignore the "(204)" which precedes it.
If the phone number does not include "431", use "204" for the area code.

Tafa Kennedy, Director, Manitoba Geological Survey

Precambrian Geoscience

Christian Bohm, Chief Geologist - Superior and Hearne cratons / geoscience collaborations / land-use planning
Chris Cou√ęslan, Project Geologist - Superior craton and Thompson nickel belt; high-grade gneiss terranes
Tania Martins, Project Geologist - Trans-Hudson orogen and Superior craton; intrusion-related rare-metal deposits; lithium-bearing pegmatites
Kyle Reid, Project Geologist - Trans-Hudson orogen; volcanogenic massive sulphide and uranium deposits
Marc Rinne, Project Geologist - Superior craton and Fox River belt; magmatic nickel, volcanogenic massive sulphide and intrusion-related deposits
Eric Yang, Project Geologist - Superior craton and Trans-Hudson orogen; intrusion-related and magmatic nickel deposits

Sedimentary Geoscience

Michelle Nicolas, Chief Geologist - Williston and Hudson Bay basins; petroleum geology and Phanerozoic stratigraphy; potash; helium; lithium brines
Michelle Gauthier, Project Geologist - Quaternary geology, surficial mapping; drift prospecting
Tyler Hodder, Project Geologist - Quaternary geology, surficial mapping; drift prospecting

Rock Libraries and Laboratory

Colin Epp, Manager
Paul Belanger, Laboratory Technician 

Geoscience Data Management

Greg Keller, Manager
Hakeem Adediran, GIS Geologist
Carolyn English, GIS Specialist
Austin Martin, GIS Specialist
Christine Steele, GIS Specialist

Resource Centre Unit

Peggy Syljuberget, Manager
Mark Pacey, Resource and Research Analyst

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